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children playing


Our teachers are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages discovery, investigation, and exploration. We ensure that each child has a joyful and meaningful experience that will prepare them for their approaching entrance into school. Through our enriching curriculum and planned activities each child is able to expand their skills and knowledge. 

Language & Literacy

Children being to understand basic directions and expand their vocabulary through story time


Your child will begin to build reasoning skills, sort by colors, explore numbers and experiment with textures.


Children create multi-sensory art, engage in pretend play and play toy instruments.

Citizens of the World

Children explore cultures from around the world and learn about different people, places, and animals


Children develop body movement skills and their ability to manipulate objects improves.

Social & Emotional

Children learn how to verbalize wants and needs. They also learn to take turns and to share.

Science & Social Studies

Children explore texture and speed. They also are able to identify community helpers and family members.

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