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children learning


Our teachers are dedicated to creating opportunities for your child to develop foundational academic skills they will carry with them into kindergarten. The pre-k program advances skills in literacy, math, social studies and art. Our well-rounded program ensures that each child thrives in all areas of development, including decision making, creative thinking, problem solving, health and wellness, and social-emotional skills. 

Language & Literacy

Children start to explore different letter sounds and experiment with story plots.


Children explore numbers, practicing comparing and measuring. They also start using number lines.


children move and sing songs, create art and act out lyrics to favorite songs.

Citizens of the World

Children expand their knowledge of the world around them by learning about different cultures, people and places.


Children practice motor skills and improve balance through fun activities.

Social & Emotional

Children learn to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships through group activities.

Science & Social Studies

Children perform simple experiments, learn about the weather and compare personal traits.

Digital Interactions

Children are introduced to basic technology and begin to use the keyboard and mouse. 

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