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Our kindergarten program is designed for children currently enrolled in a kindergarten program or just missed the cut-off date. Our teachers are dedicated to preparing your child to meet kindergarten expectations. We work hard to create opportunities for each child to expand their academic knowledge and reach higher levels of cognitive reasoning and understanding.

Language & Literacy

Teachers help children explore connections between written and spoken words through reading and writing.


Children are exposed to numerical relationships, graphing and patterns.


Children recognize changes in volume and rhythm, paint of vertical surfaces and use props to pretend play. 

Citizens of the World

Children name foreign countries, explore weather and clothing from around the world and expand their knowledge of cultures.


Dance, athletic activities and basic sport skills are apart of each day.

Social & Emotional

Children learn rule-setting and decision-making through planned activities.


Children make predictions by measuring and observing and discuss parental roles.

Digital Interactions

Children communicate ideas using digital tools and name various forms of technology.

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